Your Alpine products, closer

 Offer your products in the squares of Alpine cities, avoid intermediaries, spur sustainability and focus on quality

Valuing your products. No intermediaries. Maximum flexibility. 

100%Alps is the first modular vending machine allowing small producers to sell their products directly in Alpine town centres. You just need the right place and your delicacies: 100%Alps does the rest.



Time consuming.

Marketing products in the Alpine region is a struggle. Population density is low and if you want to succeed you must reach the right places. This is more difficult for small producers. Indeed, if you are alone,  you can run your store or run your farm, not both.

The way out: 100%Alps

100%Alps is a modular vending machine system directly controlled by local producers. You decide the products to offer. We help you reach valuable selling spots, build a new local brand, and market products in a sustainable way 

Why it works

Managing a 100%Alps point is quick, cheap, and effective. Once we setup the machine, you can fill it and follow it  through your phone, going there only when it’s necessary. And it works 24/7!

You choose the right module for what you sell, and you can add one more whenever you want. 

How it works

First: contact us and open a new 100%Alps point in your area. Talk with other producers. We help you place the machines in the right spot and build the infrastructure!

Second: it’s time to sell. Customers can find your products at any time directly in the city centers. You only need to refill machines and the packaging 

Third: build a community. Organize events, hear your customers, and focus on your products.

You are the Alps: take care of them!

Our packaging is made of high quality materials and it is reusable. We incentivize customers to return it, and to buy something else. That’s a win-win for you and the environment!

We customize packaging with your own local brand to make products more recognizable and engage with shoppers

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